If you have not had a lighting retrofit for your facility, you are missing out. In our last blog, we discussed three reasons you should get a lighting retrofit. We finish up here with three more!

  1. Saving Money with Cooler Bulbs
    • Today’s newer bulbs burn hundreds of degrees cooler than previous bulbs. Believe it or not, when you go through a retrograde, you will find yourself saving on A/C bills! Your employees will also appreciate the cooler environment.
  2. Lowering Costs
    • How often do you have to replace your current bulbs? If they are outdated, the answer is too often. Newer bulbs like the T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps have ballasts and lamps that last much longer. Reduce your replacement rate and you reduce your costs.
    • Even better, the new bulbs shine brighter than the old ones, which results in double benefits: you need fewer lamps and replace them less often. These are huge savings!
  3. Only On When You Need Them
    • One of the best things about fluorescent lights is that they can be attached to a timer. Set this timer to activate the lights when your facility is occupied – and then to turn them off when there is nobody around. You no longer have to depend on people to remember to turn the lights off and on – you can even install sensors that will turn the lights on whenever someone enters an area. This results in huge energy savings.

The benefits of phasing out old lamps are numerous, and the savings you experience are the biggest benefits of all. These are systems that eventually pay for themselves. Contact us to learn more!