lighting_cta3Along with providing you increased energy efficiency, which means increased utility bill savings, providing your office building with bright natural light can help provide a better working environment for employees. We’ve previously talked about a variety of ergonomics associated with light in the workplace. There are many ways in which the color of the light factors into this. You may be thinking, light doesn’t have a color, it’s simply white. Not true! As the most trusted lighting contractors in California, we’re here to tell you that there is more to light than just white and it can make a big impact on your office building.

Light comes in many different colors including yellow, blue, green, and various tints in between. Our brains look at many different light sources and are able to interpret them all as some form of white. Some indoor lights will look warmer, while outside may seem bluer when you first leave work for the day. We promise you that extra blue isn’t just because you’re seeing the world in a more positive way after work. These different colors happen because light sources all emit a slightly different color wavelength.

However, you may be wondering why this matters in your office building. When your employees spend every day looking at a computer screen, which emits a slightly blue light, or working under very green fluorescent lights, they are putting additional strain on their eyes. This strain can cause headaches and other maladies that can be problematic for workers, reducing productivity. Retrofitting your office building with either full spectrum LED lights, or daylight balanced lights can help to brighten the space and alleviate eyestrain.

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