At American Lighting Supply, we understand that you may be contemplating an upgrade to the lighting system in your business. But you may also be wondering what the benefits of commercial lighting retrofits in CA may be. When you contact American Lighting Supply for your free lighting assessment, we’ll walk you through every advantage and improvement a retrofit can bring. When we’re through, all you will see is upside.

With a new 25- or 28-watt T8 system, you’ll instantly notice improvements in your light quality, a decrease in maintenance levels, and most importantly, lower energy costs. The money you save for your business will be exponential. Plus, productivity and work environment will be greatly improved with your new system. You’ll also reap the benefits of energy rebates and credits that are applied to the project’s costs. We take the hassle out of applying for and claiming the rebates, so you can focus on what’s important – the health and function of your business.

Our technicians are highly-skilled, and we can install during normal business hours with very little to no disruption of your day-to-day operations. We’re quick, thorough, and non-intrusive, so you won’t have to worry about a dip in workflow while we’re there. So no matter if you own a car dealership, a hotel, a casino, or a manufacturing business, we can handle all commercial lighting retrofits in CA. Why continue to suffer under harsh, outdated lights? Contact us today for your free consultation and we’ll make sure your business is as bright as ever.