Maybe you’ve considered improving the lighting in your commercial property. Whether a warehouse, a parking garage, or office spaces, retrofitting the lighting will always improve your bottom line and reduce your utility bill. While you have considered this course of action, you aren’t sure where to start. That’s okay! Here at American Lighting, we are the best commercial lighting contractors in California and are able to answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, let’s start with the basics: the lightbulb.

While a lightbulb may seem like a simple thing, not all lightbulbs are made the same. From the very first cost-effective, incandescent lightbulbs invented by Joseph Swan in 1850 to the more recent developments in LED technology, the lightbulb has come a long way in less than 200 years. Consider some of the most common types of lightbulbs used today.


Incandescent lightbulbs remain the true original lightbulb. They function when an electric current runs through the filament and emits a glow. This glow tends to be warm and yellow, commonly used in homes. Their price makes them a common go-to for most individuals.

Halogen and Vapor

Most commonly used in car headlights and in industrial settings, these types of lightbulbs are filled with different types of vapor from halogen to mercury, that when an electric current is applied, will light up. Mercury filled tubes are the most common form of fluorescent lighting. These types of lightbulbs produce a substantial amount of light and last a significant amount of time.


LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, were first produced in 1962 for electrical product components. A diode is a one-way electrical component that when attached to a current allows the electrons to excite and emit photons. They are cool and energy efficient options for lightbulbs.

Now that you know a little more about what’s in a lightbulb, pick up the phone and call the commercial lighting contractors that know lights the best at American Lighting.