When you are searching for a lighting contractor in California to handle your commercial lighting retrofits, there are many factors you need to consider before hiring a company.

  • Experience: How many lighting jobs have they done? How long have they been in business? Choose a company that’s proven themselves as a reliable lighting contractor with plenty of experience to back them up.
  • Reputation: Do your research about any company you are considering. Check review sites for what people are saying about their work, and ask your family and friends if they’ve had any experience with good lighting contractors they would recommend.
  • The Benefits: What are the benefits of choosing this company? Do they provide free assessments? What do they specialize in? While the perks shouldn’t be the deciding factor in why you choose a lighting contractor, it should definitely be a consideration.

Once you start researching, you’ll quickly see that American Lighting is the contractor you want handling your commercial lighting retrofits. Since 1986, we’ve worked with over 12,000 clients, some of them the biggest names in their industries. We’ve build a reputation of excellence, being easy to work with and doing quality work for our customers. You’ll get plenty of benefits when you work with us, too. We offer free evaluations of your commercial space and let you know exactly what we can do to improve your lighting and save you money. Because bottom line, we’re here to save energy and save money. We’ll help your business do both!

Call us today and arrange for your free evaluation. We can start your retrofits with no money down! The monthly savings you see on your electric bill will pay for the cost of the project. Get started today.