We begin every Lighting project with a free survey performed by our expert- making sure that each area of your Facility is properly lit to assure energy savings are maximized – while also ensuring proper light levels are maintained. We have several standards that we consider when we evaluate your current lighting and contrast that with what you need and want for your lighting survey. Below, you will find a short rundown of the basic visual criteria we consider when evaluating your warehouse lighting needs.

Visual Characteristics Needed For Your Warehouse Lighting

On average, how many hours per day are the lights on?

Do you need lights to be on the highest level when nobody is in the warehouse or what lighting level is acceptable when the warehouse is unoccupied?

What are you storing at your warehouse? Do those items have special lighting considerations?

How important is color matching and color discrimination to the facility’s occupants in order for them to complete their tasks?

Is color matching or color discrimination an important part of the warehouse occupants’ tasks?

How important is it to read small print in the warehouse? For example, how big is the print on the packaging labels and are they read visually or electronically?

Our Warehouse Energy Efficient LED Lights Save You Money, Energy, And Time

Our energy efficient warehouse LED’s can save 60 to 75%  in energy compared to a metal halide fixture, add automatic occupancy sensors and the energy savings increase even more. The quality LED fixtures we use are designed specifically for warehouse lighting. When the project is complete your warehouse will be brighter and SAFER. And while an HID lamp’s lumen output can fall off by more than 50% during its life span, our LED fixtures maintain over 95% of their illumination power throughout their entire life. With American Lighting, you don’t have to choose between lighting quality and energy savings.

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