Warehouse and Manufacturing Buildings

Nearly every large building requires high bay lighting. Warehouses, manufacturing plants, large-scale retail environments, gymnasiums, airplane hangars — they all demand broad and powerful illumination. At American Lighting, we replace outdated high bay fixtures with new energy efficient LED fixtures or we can retrofit existing lighting systems. We are the commercial lighting contractor company that California turns to for effective and professional LED lighting retrofits.

Our LED lighting retrofits include changing over to LED fixtures that reduce energy consumption and dramatically cut maintenance. A LED retrofit projects also improve lighting quality and, most importantly, start saving you money from the moment they’re switched on.

Energy And Cost Savings

There are lots of ways to reduce lighting costs. The primary method is to switch to LED lights. Our energy efficient LED high bay fixtures reduce energy consumption by more than 60 percent. The use of automatic occupancy sensors can save even more energy. Those energy savings translate directly into positive cash-flow for your business, and that’s just the beginning. Using dimmer areas and layering the lighting are other methods we can utilize to save your money. The long lifespan of an LED bulb also contributes to savings. On average, an LED fixtures life is five times that of an HID lamp – saving you thousands over the life of your system in replacement costs and maintenance labor costs.

Improved Lighting Quality

We begin every lighting project retrofit with a lighting survey – making sure that each area of your facility is matched with appropriate illumination.  The fixtures we use start instantly, render colors naturally and distribute illumination more evenly than HID fixtures.  And while a HID lamp’s lumen output can fall off by more than 50% during its lifespan, our fixtures maintain over 95% of their illumination power throughout their entire life.

With American Lighting, you don’t have to choose between lighting quality and energy savings.

Call the commerical lighting contractor that California turns to: turn to American Lighting. 

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