With nearly 30 years of experience, American Lighting Supply has seen many, many businesses transform with commercial lighting retrofits in CA. The improvement in light quality and decrease in monthly energy bills are perhaps the most tangible benefits of our services, but we love most of all is seeing the improvement in working atmosphere and employee relations. By upgrading your facility’s lighting, you’ll increase visibility and reduce eye strain, which keeps fatigue at bay and allows for a more efficient workplace.

We’ve handled commercial lighting retrofits in CA for a number of industries and building designs, including warehouses, manufacturing centers, healthcare facilities, and parking structures. Adequate lighting is essential to all of these industries, and if you’ve seen an increase in your energy spending due to outdated fixtures, ballasts, and bulbs, we’re ready to help. We find every applicable rebate for your project and put it towards the cost of the upgrade. We’ll even handle the rebate paperwork! With the amount you save on energy each month following your upgrade, your new fixtures will pay for themselves in no time.

Let us know today how improved lighting could benefit your business. We’re always prepared to put or vast knowledge and experience to use. If you’d like to receive a free lighting assessment, give us a call today or fill out our free evaluation form. You’ll receive a competitive quote and following our assessment, a detailed proposal on how to best improve the lighting in your building. Upgrade and save with American Lighting Supply today.