Getting the right LED light in the right space is a science and an art. You need to understand lighting needs as well as the performance of the many different LED light bulbs. To make sure you put an inadequate fixture in any particular location, it’s a smart idea to use a retrofitting consultant. We are American Lighting and are a leading LED lighting retrofitting contractor working throughout California. In this week’s blog, we’ll look at a few of the types of spaces that we frequently work with.

Parking Lots

Parking lots lights need to be bright enough to ensure the users of the parking lot feel safe and secure. They need to be reliable under all conditions and incur low maintenance costs. An LED retrofit by American Lighting can make your parking lot what you need it to be. LED lights can provide light that is the temperature of noontime brightness so crime is deterred and users feel safe going to their cars. LED light is directional, so the light will be right where you need it. LED light bulbs can last up to 20,000 hours and both replacement costs and maintenance costs will decline with an LED retrofit.

Commercial Office Buildings

Office buildings have their own needs, and even within buildings, there can be different needs in different spaces. For work spaces where employees need to be alert and working, an LED that has bright white tones have a subtle blue tone that has been shown to stimulate the brain and create alertness. This is especially important in the winter and places where workers work into the night such as call centers. For waiting rooms in commercial office buildings, you’ll want to place LED bulbs with warmer, more yellow tones to create a calming, cozy feel. Science has shown that these tones affect the brain and make people calm.

Retail Spaces

Perhaps needing the most variety of light bulbs, the lighting in retail spaces needs to fulfill many needs. People need a warm and cozy feel when they enter, but merchandise needs to be well lit so customers can see clearly what they are buying. Bright task lighting is needed at the checkout area so the employees and customers can see clearly and no mistakes are made. Lighting choices need to take into consideration how they will affect the perceived color of products, especially clothes so that you don’t end up with unhappy customers who thought they bought a blue coat when it actually brown when they get it outside. LED can also be put to work in displays. Since LED light bulbs are available in many colors, you can use them in your window displays for dramatic effect.

When you are considering an LED retrofit project call American Lighting for help. We can perform an energy and lighting audit to assess your current lighting use and needs. We can design and new lighting configuration for your facility and implement the design as well. We make sure to clean up and recycle all materials. We also handle all the rebate paperwork for you. You get to sit back and watch your energy bills go down! Call us today to get started!