Here at American Lighting, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer our customers only the most energy efficient lighting technologies. We offer you an easy, 1-2-3 solution as an award winning leader in the lighting retrofit industry, we offer you statewide utility rebate programs and turn-key projects with no out of pocket costs. Another thing we’re extremely proud of is the fact that we offer the most energy efficient warehouse lighting California residents turn to when they want to make sure their warehouses are properly lit and safe for their workers.

As you probably already know, a properly lit warehouse is extremely important to maintain a safe and efficient workplace. It’s also incredibly important that lights aren’t too bright because you do not want them to create dangerous glares. This is where we come in – we come out to you and assess your warehouse to give you the best possible warehouse lighting options possible – nothing too dark or too bright.

Providing the perfect warehouse lighting is very important for your warehouse, but the energy efficiency of your warehouse lighting is also important. Even just keeping the lights on in your warehouse when you don’t necessarily need to can add substantial costs to your energy bill. Why spend your hard earned money on costly energy bills when you can invest in energy efficient warehouse lighting? If you’re warehouse is still using T12 fluorescent lighting or HID, you can save a lot of money by simply speaking to us and letting us help you switch to T8 and T5 fluorescent lighting.

Ready to save money on your energy bills while providing a safe working environment? Call American Lighting today!