You won’t find any other commercial lighting contractors in California that offers you an assessment and proposal, installation, clean up, guaranteed rebates, positive and immediate cash flow, a quick payback, improved lighting quality, and much more than American Lighting. Many offices and other commercial spaces are rediscovering the benefits of task lighting. Today we’ll explore some of those benefits.

While overhead lighting in most if not all commercial locations is necessary, the best approach for designing an energy-efficient and visually comfortable lighting installation is the effective integration of both overhead and task lighting. There has been a ton of research conducted on the relationship between lighting conditions and worker productivity and results continue to show that poor lighting and eyestrain are frequent worker complaints. Think about it: we must be comfortable throughout the day to be able to produce the amount of work that we need to produce. There are already enough demands and distractions throughout the day.

The major advantages to task lighting is that the user is able to control the lighting of his or her immediate work environment. Consider the facts that our posture changes during the day. Our tasks vary to some degree. If we have windows, light in the room changes from morning to evening. It’s nice to have control of our lighting so that we can remain comfortable throughout the day to maintain productivity.

If you’re ready to get serious about your office workspace lighting and increase your employees’ productivity, call American Lighting today!