We were honored to learn that we’d received a 2013 Trade Professional Award from San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) for excellence in energy efficiency. As one a top lighting contractor in California, we were excited to receive this recognition. We’re committed to helping companies become more earth friendly while saving them money, and our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. American Lighting Supply is excited to continue to work with companies in the region discover how they can have better lighting, lower their monthly energy bills, and help conserve energy. It’s a great job, and we hope to continue doing it for years to come! We thank SDGE for the award and the reminder that what we’re doing really matters.

We’re also excited that this award will show other business owners in the area that when they are looking for a lighting contractor to retrofit their warehouse or commercial lighting, American Lighting Supply is the company they should choose. We offer our customers a free lighting evaluation that shows them exactly how much they’ll be able to save with the retrofitting process. And because we don’t require any money down, even small businesses can afford to start the project. The money you save on your monthly energy bill goes to pay off the work.

We’re ready to get to work for you! Give us a call and let’s set up an appointment time for one of our consultants to visit your location. They’ll talk to you about the lighting possibilities and explain the process to you. We work hard to ensure there is limited disturbance to your daily business so you don’t have to lose productivity during the project. Find out more when you call us today!