If you are at work right now, look up. Chances are you’ll see rows and rows of florescent lighting. This is the most popular form of commercial lighting, and the most common size is the T12, a 1.5″ in diameter bulb that’s been around since the 1930’s but has been decreasing in popularity as the more efficient T8 came into popularity. T12 lights are ubiquitous, but as more efficient bulbs came about the need for T8 lighting retrofits become common for major industries as they sought to go green and save money on their monthly energy costs.

T8 lighting retrofits give your current lighting installation the ability to handle the high efficiency 1″ diameter bulbs, but the retrofit requires a great deal of knowledge to do correctly. That’s why it’s important for you to hire a company that understands how to complete the retrofits and has plenty of experience doing so. Our installers will modify your fixtures so they support the T8 bulbs correctly, and since they’d done this for thousands of buildings out there, they know how to successfully complete the work for you, too.

American Lighting Supply is here to help your business save on its monthly energy bill while maintaining or even improving the quality of your lighting. If you’re considering T8 lighting retrofits, give us a call. We can give you a free estimate on the work and let you know how much many you’ll be saving on your monthly bills once the work is done. Let’s get started today!