Being able to see while on the job is imperative to any employee’s success. Eye strain and fatigue can cause mistakes to be made and opportunities to be missed. This is perhaps most applicable to those who work in the hospital and healthcare industry. The ability to see clearly when checking on a patient or moving someone to another room or into the operating ward is very important. If you’re a hospital administrator and your lighting system could use an upgrade, call for your commercial lighting retrofits in CA today.

American Lighting Supply has worked with many health facilities and hospitals, and we’ll work just as hard for you and your building. We work with you on the details, the budget, and the installation of your new lighting system. We know that disruptions in a hospital can cause major headaches for administrators; that’s why we work with your schedule, ensuring that there is little to no interruption of your daily routines. With your retrofitted system, you’ll enjoy both better lighting and energy savings, which will improve the working environment for every doctor and nurse, as well as help your annual budget.

When you need commercial lighting retrofits in CA, don’t hesitate to call. We are more than willing to explain the benefits and savings that can be found with our lighting upgrades. We perform all the work ourselves and with 25 years of experience and precision, you can feel confident that the job will be done right. Let us know today how we can improve your hospital’s lighting.