In our last four blogs, we discussed some tips for keeping your facility’s safety program strong and effective. As California’s premier lighting experts, we understand that lighting is one of the first, biggest steps you can take to keep your employees safe. We want you to be successful, and keeping your commercial buildings well-lit is the best way to avoid all kinds of accidents.

In this blog, we are going to give some across-the-board standards you can use to keep your employees safe and your facilities running smoothly. We are speaking in particular to companies that have machinery.

  1. Only employees that are specifically trained can make modifications to the machinery.
  2. All tools are either in use or stored in their designated locations. There is absolutely no place a tool can be left beyond its storage place.
  3. All equipment and machinery must be shut down when no ones is using it.
  4. All machinery must be used with two hands. This keeps hands away from dangerous moving parts.
  5. All employees must wear proper safety gear at all times, as well as keep loose hair tied back. Loose clothing cannot be allowed.
  6. All work areas must be properly ventilated and lit.

This list is not complete, but you will see that keeping your area properly lit is an essential to keeping it safe. Don’t get comfortable with your old lighting system. It is costing you money and failing to give you the lighting benefits you need. We want to help you be the best in your industry, and excellence begins with lighting. Contact us today to learn more!