When people approach us about the work we do in warehouse lighting in California, we love sharing our case studies with them. These case studies really highlight the difference our work can make when it comes to energy efficiency as well as the quality of the lighting in your warehouse. You’ll be amazed how quickly other businesses have been able to pay back the project cost thanks to their savings and SDGE rebates. Check out some of our favorite case studies:

Whirlpool Warehouse
This was the fourth project we had done with this client, and they said that every time “the process has been outstanding.” We timed the work so that their team wouldn’t be interrupted with their own work and the warehouse could carry on as normal. The energy use in this warehouse was reduced by more than 60%, and it took them only eight months to pay off the project. This warehouse is now saving more than $50,000 every year on their energy costs.

Westland Giftware
The before and after pictures for this job are remarkable! This warehouse used to be dark, but the new lighting created a bright, cheerful warehouse that looks dramatically better. The payback took 7 months, and the return in their investment was more than 160%.

With over 25 years of experience helping warehouses achieve better, more efficient lighting in California, you can trust your lighting need to American Lighting Supply. Read the rest of our case studies on our website then give us a call. We’ll come out for a free consultation at your site and tell you more about what our lighting solutions can do to save you money.