Our company offers 28 years of expertise with Energy Efficient Lighting solutions.   We have access to all brands and manufacturers for lamps and fixtures, and our crews have the expertise to install these lights and fixtures at all types of applications.   Our proposals are always focused on providing the customer with the very best payback for a new lighting system.   The new system will use less energy and the energy savings will actually pay for the project over time.  In addition to saving energy, all of our projects also feature longer life lamps and fixtures that produce huge maintenance savings over the years of ownership of the system.

We are having tremendous success with LED lamps and fixtures in all applications and with all market sectors.   If you have a parking lot or wall-mounted fixtures that utilize old technology systems such as high pressure sodium or metal halide – we can replace these systems and save you money while also reducing your maintenance costs and improving your light levels.

We proudly feature and install LED fixtures, lamps, and controls from CREE, Philips, General Electric, DECO, Leviton, Lutron, LSI, Lithonia, and many, many others.

Every project starts with a free lighting audit and consultation.  Let us give you a free audit and you can see for yourself how much you could begin saving every month.