Parking lot lights are an important property feature of your outdoor public spaces, making them safer, brighter, and more energy efficient with high-quality, well-designed,  long-lasting parking lot LED light poles. Many properties have weather-worn, ugly, inefficient pole lights. LED parking lot lights are a proven capital expenditure project component in increased retail traffic, a rise in property value,  and a smart return on investment. New, brighter, more energy efficient LED parking lot pole lights can give customers confidence in the dark hours to feel safe in your lot, attract more business, modernize and freshen your property, increase value, and save money in energy efficiency.
American Lighting does the complete project management from determining the custom, cost-effective fixtures and poles required to the complete electrical installation. We can determine if your commercial business is eligible for utility rebates and we are masters at processing those rebates for you. No money down is required: rebates come off the project cost at the beginning. We offer low, to no, interest rate financing which is available through private and utility-based programs. Call us to see if your business needs a proven project manager for your LED pole parking lot lighting project. If you have questions about what we can do for your business, call us at 1-800-973-8763 anytime. Let’s get to work on your lighting project today!