Even though LEDs have been used in computers and other forms of technology for over half a century, there is still some trepidation concerning updating current lighting systems and retrofitting them to make them fully LED systems. There are many myths out there concerning LEDs and their current sustainability. As the best lighting contractors in California, we’re here to correct those myths, answer any of your questions, and provide you with lighting solutions that can save you money! Keep reading to learn the truth behind more LED myths that are prominently talked about.

Myth: LEDs aren’t versatile.

There is a myth that LEDs aren’t able to function properly in extremely hot or cold environments. This simply isn’t true. LEDs are a tough and durable lighting solution that can perform just as well in terms of output as fluorescent lightbulbs. In a study conducted by several independent labs, it was concluded that LEDs perform on par in varying temperature environments. The biggest contributing factor for any lighting system’s performance was the ability to manage heat dissipation appropriately. The best part is that heat dissipation is not as big of a concern with LEDs as it is with fluorescent or HID lighting systems, as LEDs don’t get nearly as hot.

Myth: LEDs reduce light pollution.

There is a misconception that because LEDs use substantially less energy than other forms of lighting, and therefore reduce energy costs, that they can also reduce light pollution. Demand for lighting is at an all time high around the world, and while you can reduce your business’s energy consumption, this does not mean that light pollution will be reduced.

LEDs are an optimal solution for reducing your overall energy consumption. Let American Lighting show you how with a free lighting consultation today!