In our last four blogs, we have explored the amazing impact you can have on your hotel patrons by engaging their senses. If you do it right, you will be imprinted on their memories as the best hotel they have experienced, and you will enjoy their repeated visits.

In this last blog in this series, we are going to explore what you can do to engage your patrons’ hearing. The goal is to make them relax. What options are open to you?

  1. Music and water
    • If you have a live musician, that is great. However, a discrete sound system works just as well. Stay away from aggressive rock, dance music, and angry tunes. From there, your options are wide open and your choice will be dictated by the atmosphere you want to create. Jazz feels trendy, classical feels clean, and mild rock feels casual. It is up to you!
    • If music is not what you have in mind, a trickling water feature can create the perfect effect. There is nothing like running water to soothe the soul, and even a simple water feature will do the trick.
  2. Warm and bright
    • Old light fixtures that buzz or drone have a very negative effect on patrons. Whether it is the lights in the elevator or that one fixture in the stairwell or end of the hallway, you need to do away with it, because people will notice it. Contact American Lighting today to start the new year with a lighting system that will pay for itself in savings.

At American Lighting, we know what it takes to create a winning atmosphere unique to you. Our lighting retrofits are second to none. Explore our past lighting retrofit clients and contact us today for a free consultation!