Are you looking for a commercial lighting contractor to develop a solution to help you reduce your energy costs in California? Would you also like these commercial lighting retrofits to enhance the lighting that is available to your lot, warehouse or property? If so, American Lighting has the solution for you. In this blog post, we will highlight a couple businesses that we recently upgraded. We like to post some of our client testimonials here because it increases their exposure and the likelihood you will get to read their respective stories. They are saving a significant amount of money, with their energy efficient upgrades. Just listen to their compelling stories as we also provide the particulars of their upgrade.

Corona Nissan – Pulse Start Upgrade

Project Highlights

  • Comprehensive Upgrade Of All Lights – Interior & Exterior

  • 1000 Watt Pole Lights Upgraded To 575 Watt Pulse Start

  • Venture Natural White Light Solution

  • 12 Month Payback

  • $24,000 Annual Savings


Customer Testimonial

“American Lighting recently performed an energy efficient lighting retrofit for all of our interior lights and exterior lot pole lights. We are very pleased with the results. The light levels have improved dramatically and the energy savings are what was projected, which is just over $24,000 per year. This gave us less than a one year payback period. These energy savings numbers were verified by our Southern California Edison representative. We would recommend American Lighting and this type of projects to others.”                                   

– Brian Wood, Corona Nissan

Bob Baker Chrysler Jeep – T5 Solution

“The light upgrade was a big winner for Bob Baker Automotive. Taking advantage of the SDG&E rebates is a can’t miss opportunity. The light level is satisfactory while the natural color of the lighting is an improvement. I look forward to the reduced electrical bill and lower maintenance fees on the bulbs.”

– Chris Baker

Project Highlights

  • 1000 Watt HID Fixtures Replaced With T5 Fixtures

  • Energy Savings of Over 60% Per Fixture

  • $40,000 Annual Savings

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs