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In our last blog, we explored the ways that color and lighting type affect your employees. By making informed decisions about these aspects of your office, you can set your employees (and your business) up for success! Today, we have two last things that can make your office the best in your industry.


There are three ways that textures affect your employees. There’s immediate tactile feedback from objects they contact daily, like your flooring, chairs, and restroom fixtures. Next, there’s long term bio-mechanical support, which gives support to the user sitting or standing on it. These are things like flooring types and desk and chair designs. Lastly, there is color and light disruption, which refers to a texture’s helpful ability to break up your office’s light and color. You can use textures to lessen glare and soften transitions between colors. Minimize reflective surfaces, as too many of them cause stress and anxiety.

Lighting Warmth

People can concentrate and be more productive when they experience light that mimics sunlight. This is full-spectrum light that has been proven to improve test scores for kids. If you can, get as much sunlight into your office as possible. If sunlight isn’t available, talk to American Lighting, and we will give you the equivalent!

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