Light your office with the best commercial lighting contractors in California!Comfort is the key to productivity, so if you want good performance from your employees, you need to keep their workplace comfy. The good news is, there are many thing you can do!

In our last blog, we explored the ways that temperature and lighting location can affect your hardworking employees. Today, we have two more insights for you!


Colors have a profound psychological impact on people, especially when people are stuck looking at them for eight hours a day. Depending on the color of your office walls, you may be setting your employees up to be relaxed, anxious, or depressed. Keep in mind that the more vibrant a color is, the stronger its effect will be. Though you can use certain colors to create positive environments, many people go with neutral colors like toupe or beige. They don’t excite or depress people, which is sometimes the best way to go.

Lighting Type

Bright light is always best for productive environment, but when you get a consultation from American Lighting, we will carefully consider your options. Many times, fluorescent light can cause several issues, including eye strain. If the light’s ballast is flickering, that is an issue as well. We have LED lights that will give you energy savings while providing invigorating light for your employees

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