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Ergonomics aren’t just about desk and chair height. Lighting plays a big role in the comfort and functionality of your commercial office. The good news is, lighting gives you massive benefits for minimum effort, and when you get a lighting retrofit from American Lighting, you will save money and get the best results for your employees.

We want to give you insights that will empower you to make your business all it can be. In our last blog, we discussed the role that noise and lighting play in your office’s ergonomics. Today, we are going to look into temperature and lighting.


If the temperature and humidity of your office are off, your employees will be 10 percent less productive. This can add up to serious deficits! Now, finding the perfect temperature for your office is infamously difficult, but you can use factors like your climate, the season, and the average age of your workers to get a ballpark temperature. Let your employees help you fine-tune the temperature, and enjoy the benefits!

Lighting Location

If your lighting creates deep shadows or harsh glares, it will have a very detrimental effect on your office. This is especially important when your employees work on computers. The best sources of light are indirect and provide illumination via reflection.

At American Lighting, we have the experience to deliver energy-effective lighting that will keep your employees comfortable. We are proud to consider ourselves the closest allies of many businesses. Contact us today for premier commercial lighting retrofits in California!

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