TContact us for commercial lighting retrofits in California!he health of your business starts with the comfort and health of your individual employees. At American Lighting, we find that business owners often overlook this simple point. They also dismiss the significant role that lighting plays in the well-being of their employees. We are here to encourage you to not be that business owner! In the next few blogs, we will discuss different aspects of office ergonomics and the pervasive role that lighting plays in them all.


Believe it or not, the noise level in your office can have an impact on your employees’ health and welfare. Its impact depends largely on its loudness and consistency. Noise sources like a loading dock can only be controlled to a point, but when it comes to internal noise pollution, there are great steps you can take. Make sure office doors get closed for conversations. Keep work spaces away from main hallways, exits, and entrances where people always feel free to talk while walking. Understand that some employees are more affected by noise than others, and try to arrange things to their advantage.


You will be amazed by the effects that different lights have on people. This makes lighting one of the most essential aspects of office ergonomics. When the lighting is right, your employees will be comfortable, accurate, and free of eye strain. Your company’s productivity will change depending on the light you give your employees, so make sure you get it right!

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