Opting for an LED retrofit for your warehouse, parking lot, or other commercial property is an excellent way to save money and give the environment a helping hand. American Lighting is able to evaluate and update your lighting system to improve performance and efficiency. Whether you’re looking for warehouse energy efficient lighting, or you’re tired of paying for expensive vapor bulb replacements in the parking garage you manage, American Lighting has the knowhow to retrofit your facility affordably. Maybe you’ve been hesitant about retrofitting the lighting system in your facility, but stop hesitating and reap the benefits! LED lighting can save you money in a variety of ways.

Maintenance Savings

It can take a lot of manpower in order to maintain the lighting systems across a variety of commercial facilities. Schools, health care facilities, and warehouses all take a substantial investment in order to keep the lights on. From the amount of effort it takes to buy new bulbs, replace them, and have the specialized tools to do just that, you’re talking about a large investment that can increase the more often the bulbs go out. LEDs are meant to last, meaning drastically fewer replacements and reduced maintenance costs in both bulbs and manpower.

Energy Savings

The biggest benefit of an LED retrofit is the financial savings in energy costs. LEDs utilize substantially less energy than regular light bulbs, including compact fluorescent. In fact, an LED is over 10 times more efficient than your standard home light bulb. The best way to think about this is that for every watt of power consumed, an LED puts out 10 times more light. What this means for commercial parking lot projects or warehouse energy efficient lighting is that for the same light output, LEDs will use substantially less energy overall, saving you money on your utility bill.  

Environmental Savings

While the environmental savings that a LED lighting retrofit can’t necessarily put money right back into your pocket, they’re still worth the effort. LED light bulbs last much longer than any other form of lighting on the market and they are recyclable when they finally do fail. The ability to recycle the used light bulbs and the fact that you need fewer of them overall mean that the environment will be much happier that your facility isn’t dumping excess waste back into the environment.

Along with the substantial savings that your facility can achieve in manpower and energy reduction, the LED light bulb also provides the ability to fit many different needs. It doesn’t matter if you are in charge of a car dealership, a health care facility, or a school and you need to find ways to reduce the energy bill and bring down maintenance costs. American Lighting  can help you evaluate your current system and implement an LED retrofit. Retrofits are not only affordable, but they will also bring with them large, long-term benefits for your facility and the environment. Contact American Lighting today to schedule your facilities evaluation today!