The lighting industry has made huge strides in the past decade. We have incredibly energy-efficient bulbs that are just getting better. However, the rise of LEDs and CFLs can be confusing. Both are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, so which is better?  


  • LEDs
    • These lights last the longest, which means you buy fewer bulbs over time. They fit in standard light fixtures and do not require adaptors. They are fantastic for accents and decorations.
  • CFLs
    • Compact fluorescents are a miniature version of a normal fluorescent bulb. They do not need an adaptor to fit into standard sockets, and the light they produce is closer to the light of incandescents.


  • LEDs
    • They currently cost more than CFLs, but the prices continually go down because of manufacturing innovations.
    • They are directional, which makes them not as great for things like table lamps. Innovations are being made to diffuse their light.
  • CFLs
    • These bulbs contain mercury, a dangerous heavy metal. They must be disposed of properly and pose a serious hazard if broken.

How to choose?

  • Both bulbs are an efficient way to light your business. If you want to use your pocketbook as a guide, remember that LEDs are more expensive but last longer, and CFLs are cheaper, but are a big pain if they break. Also remember that CFLs produce light that is closer to incandescent light, which can be nice for comfort.

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