If you are considering an LED retrofit for your commercial complex or institutional complex, there are some very concrete reasons you should follow through and hire American Lighting to implement your retrofit for you. The benefits may seem ethereal, but we can ensure you that the savings and light quality improvements are real. For illustration purposes, we’ll look at some past projects around California to see the benefits that an LED retrofit delivers. We will use examples from our case study pages. We have case studies for parking garages, commercial office buildings, hotels & retail, warehouse & manufacturing buildings, schools & colleges, car dealerships and hospitals & heathcare facilities. Case Study: BioMed Realty Parking Lot
This biomedical complex replaced high-pressure sodium fixtures that used 465 watts per fixture with LED fixtures that use just 20 watts per fixture.
This translated into a 95 percent energy savings for this facility.
You can see in the before photo that the light had an overwhelming orange quality and was very bright in spots. The new lighting system has a light quality that is much more blue, and no area is over lighted.

City of Santa Clara Public Spaces

  • We oversaw several projects for the city of Santa Clara to improve the quality of light in public spaces, including parking lots, street lighting, and parkway lighting.
  • These public spaces are now lit with light that is bright enough for people to feel safe without running up operating costs.
  • The long life LED fixtures were used to replace HID fixtures, and this resulted in a 50 percent energy savings for the city, and so for taxpayers.

TC Transcontinental Printing

  • This large scale complex involved retrofitting office, exterior spaces, and warehouse spaces.
  • This project involved installing 759 new LED fixtures, 699 LED lamps, and 180 LED retrofit kits.
  • The savings that this project delivered is projected to be $227,495 and involved a $79,053 rebate from PG&E.
  • The return on the investment (ROI) was 87 percent and the payback period was just 1.8 months. Our professional crew handles all the work.
  • The result of this project was better light quality for all employees and massive savings.

Pannu Star Mart

  • The difference in light quality is plain to see in this case study. The before photos shows a gas pumping island that has harsh light just where it is absolutely needed and a dramatic shift to darkness just outside the beams of light.
  • The after photo shows a welcoming gas pump island that is welcoming and well lit, well beyond the immediate pump area.
  • This retrofit created savings on energy bills, as they all do, but also dramatically increased nighttime security.

San Diego Community College District

  • The benefits that an LED retrofit can deliver to education facilities are plain to see in this example.
  • In this LED upgrade, metal halide fixtures were replaced with new LED fixtures.
  • These new fixtures created an annual savings of $25 and had a 22-month payback.
  • The light quality improvements are obvious in the before and after photos. The before light is quite dark, and certainly not adequate for reading. The after photo shows a bright library that looks like you could be anywhere in the space and be able to read a book.

Chrysler Jeep Car Dealership

  • Car dealerships are a great example of how an exterior retrofit can benefit a car dealership. The lighting is transformed from yellowish and spatially limited to warm white and much more ambient.
  • In this retrofit, 400 watt metal halide fixtures were replaced with 216 watt T5 fluorescent fixtures.
  • This retrofit delivered a 53 percent energy savings per fixture.

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