Thousands of students are returning to California schools and colleges, trusting that they will be safe in these facilities. While good lighting saves money and enables students to flourish, we want to talk about the role that lighting plays in security. In recent years, our schools have seemed less and less safe. American Lighting, California’s best commercial lighting contractor, wants to do its part in making your scholastic facility into a place where your students feel safe.

The power of good lighting is its ability to reveal everything. Having everything revealed brings safety, because there’s no place for threats to hide. The exteriors of facilities will be thoroughly lit to discourage potential vandalizers, and the same concept applies your facility’s interior. Ensuring that your facility has no dim corners or hallways will make a massive difference. The key is to create an environment where there is no place where a threat feels concealed. When we enter your facility to gather data for our proposal, we will absolutely make sure that every corner is well-lit with energy-efficient bulbs.

You don’t have to sacrifice safety to maintain your budget. American Lighting offers lighting solutions that pay for themselves in a year or less. Add in our rebates, and it is completely possible to have a well-lit facility that costs very little. You will be amazed!

Great lighting brings clarity, comfort, and safety to all facilities. It is essential that schools have this benefit. Because you believe our kids deserve the best, we know you will turn to American Lighting to fulfill all your lighting needs.