Contact the best commercial lighting contractors in California today!At American Lighting, we recognize that when we provide lighting for your commercial building, we are not just installing components. We are allying ourselves with you and working together to make sure your business and livelihood are safe. Good lighting is paramount to security, but it also plays a huge role in your premises liability.

Premises liability refers to a type of lawsuit filed when someone gets injured on your property because you failed to take the correct steps. Slip-and-fall accidents are the most common type of lawsuit business owners face. When someone is injured by a fall on your property (or even property you merely use) they can sue you. Most of these falls happen on slippery floors or damaged pavement. However, even if you take all the right steps to repair your pavement, mark wet floor, and keep floor mats flat, you can still get in trouble if you have insufficient lighting.

Bad lighting can cause you trouble in the following areas:

Injury prevention

If your property doesn’t have good lighting and a customer trips and falls because of a hard-to-see obstruction, you can be sued for failing to maintain your lighting systems.


Another type of premises liability case is inadequate security, and these cases almost always include lighting issues. When a patron gets assaulted or robbed on your property because their safety was undermined by bad lighting, the patron can come after you. A situation like this isn’t just damaging to your finances; it will hurt your reputation as well.

Don’t make your business vulnerable to lawsuits. We are here to make commercial lighting retrofits effortless; contact American Lighting today!