September is here, and that means school is back in session. If you’re an administrator or building manager, and you’ve noticed that your lighting setup isn’t working like it used to, give American Lighting Supply a call today. With our commercial lighting retrofits in CA, your teachers and students can work and learn under better light, reducing eye strain and making the educational process more enjoyable for everyone.

One of the best places to start in upgrading your school’s lighting is in the gymnasium. Many gyms still use outdated fixtures, but with our commercial lighting retrofits in CA, basketball games, volleyball matches, and student assemblies can be held under brighter, clearer light. Another great benefit of updating your gym’s lighting is that you’ll cut down on your monthly energy bill, making the cost of your retrofit even more affordable in the long run. With as many hours that are spent in school gyms during the fall and winter, you’ll be very appreciative of the lowered energy costs following your upgrade.

At American Lighting Supply, we work with your school’s schedule to set up the best time for your lighting installation. After thoroughly assessing your current system and detailing what our upgrade will improve, we’ll begin installing your new lights, making sure there is no disruption to your regular and extracurricular schedules. In no time at all, your classrooms, gymnasium, and even your exterior lighting can be brighter, clearer, and more energy efficient. Call 800-973-8763 today, or contact us through our site and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.