When it comes to protecting your business, there is nothing more powerful than good lighting. Not only is it the most effective, it’s one of the cheapest security measures you can take, especially when you get your system retrofit with energy-efficient components by American Lighting. You’ll deter burglars and watch the system pay for itself over time.

If you don’t feel lighting is enough for your location, you’re not alone. Many businesses install security camera systems to enhance their defenses. In our last blog, we discussed two important locations for cameras, including secluded areas and entry/exit points. Today, we are going to give two more important locations for security cameras.

Common Targets

When we say “targets,” we refer to the parts of your operation that are most likely to be targeted by intruders. These are places like jewelry cases, filing, cabinets, cash drawers, and safes. The job of these cameras is not necessarily to identify; they are there to record the thief’s actions and act as proof.

Transaction Points

This one won’t come as a surprise: you will want cameras aimed at the main places you interact with customers. These are places like teller stations, cash registers, and kiosks. We recommend that you keep the cameras no higher than seven feet; otherwise, you will only see the tops of people’s heads.

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