In our last blog, we said that as a business owner, you can be friendly without being vulnerable. It’s a fine line to walk sometimes, but you have a responsibility to your employees to keep your business safe from any threats. We are exploring the different ways you can protect your business, including being friendly and refusing to drop your guard. Today, we are going to share two more tips!

Actively Seek Out Suspicious Behavior

This tip aligns with keeping your guard up. You need to watch out for people who are acting oddly. Listen to your gut. If you see something you want to address, you can do it in a friendly way. If someone is violating a policy, cheerful engage them and explain how the policies exist to protect him or her. You can also take the opportunity to point them toward whatever they need. Doing this will discourage many potential robbers.

Direct Your Security Cameras Intelligently

This one may seem obvious, but security cameras can be instrumental if something goes wrong. If they’re pointed just a bit wrong, you can miss important footage. We are going to use our next few blogs to explore the best locations for security cameras.

We are focusing on business security, because lighting can play an instrumental role. When you light your business inside and out, it has a first line of defense.  Lighting commercial buildings with bright, energy-efficient bulbs is our specialty. Contact American Lighting Supply to learn more about our services today!