Occasionally, we like to address some Frequently Asked Questions that we hear in the field from time to time as lighting contractors. One group of questions that we hear a lot deals with the overall savings of our lighting retrofits. Here we share from our FAQ page these questions and answers. As California lighting contractors, we are always happy to answer the questions that you have, so please keep them coming.

“Are There Any Incentives Or Rebates Available To Help Pay For Our Project?”

“There are rebates and incentives for every lighting project we install. We understand and work with all of the rebate programs in California and neighboring states. We pride ourselves in finding each customer the very highest rebate possible.”

“How Does The Rebate Process Work?”

“Each rebate program is different. The rules and requirements are frequently extremely difficult to understand. Many programs can take up to a year to issue the check for the rebate. We understand these rules and will guarantee your rebate. In fact, we deduct the rebate directly from the cost of your project so that you don’t have to worry about it.”

“How Do I Know A Lighting Upgrade Project Will Really Save Me Money?”

“Energy savings calculations for lighting projects are objective and very straightforward to calculate. All of our proposals include a detailed explanation of the energy savings that will be achieved. These savings projections are based upon the actual conditions found at your facility. We can even provide you with numerous testimonials from customers that have already taken this offer.”