Choosing the right commercial lighting contractors in California can be an overwhelming task. There are a lot of companies out there that promise to do a great job on your lighting, only to leave you in the dark. So don’t just take the word of the company itself–find out who has used their services in the past and find out what they have to say! We publish our Client List right on our website. We do that because we’re proud of the work we do and we want you to know the names of the clients we’ve worked with before. After you’ve read our client list, you’ll see our extensive experience with some of the biggest names in the world and know that you can trust us with your lighting, too.

Make an appointment with our commercial lighting contractors in California for a free lighting evaluation at your business! We’ll come out and let you know how we can install energy efficient lighting in your space that saves you money on your monthly energy bill. If you already have lighting installed, we can retrofit your lights so you get the same great results. There is no money up front for our installations, either, and most of our work pays for itself in monthly savings. Find out what we can do for you by calling us today!