LED Lamps = 15 Month Payback

Being the facility manager in charge of a commercial facility means being responsible for the bottom line. Only then do you realize how much of an operating budget can be taken up with lighting costs. The pressure to keep the lights on figuratively can mean needing to upgrade your lighting system literally.  American Lighting is a lighting contractor has years of experience dealing with the challenges involved with lighting systems of hotels, motels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, and retail centers throughout California.  We have experience with the very special lighting requirements that are found in the hospitality industry.  We know that there’s more involved than just picking the cheapest lamp or the product with the greatest energy savings.  We will perform an energy audit as the first step in a retrofit project so that we can precisely design a retrofit plan for your facility. We will take the time to properly specify the correct solution for your facility. No commercial lighting company in California has more experience working with the hospitality industry than American Lighting.  Our team of engineers can customize a lighting solution that is tailored to every hotel.  We are currently having tremendous success with LED solutions for even the most challenging applications.  We can custom engineer a solution that focuses on your 24 X 7 lights or we can offer a comprehensive solution for every light in the house.  We are also seeing rapid paybacks for parking lot lights and exterior lights at retail centers.  Our proposals always feature the very highest rebate possible and we offer lamps and fixtures from a myriad of suppliers. We will prepare a customized proposal that shows you how we can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Big Energy Savings – Energy Savings average 60 – 75%
  • Reduced Maintenance – Reduce the man hours you currently spend on servicing lights
  • Improved Quality of Lighting – We can maintain the warm look of the lights that you currently have throughout your hotel or improve lighting where needed.
  • Utility Rebates  – All rebates are processed by us and credited toward the project cost
  • Pay For Your Retrofit With Your Energy Savings  – No money down: your energy savings each month will pay for the project.

With American Lighting, you don’t have to choose between lighting quality and energy savings. 

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