$115K Annual Savings, 15 Month Payback

American Lighting is a leading commercial lighting contractor company serving California. We have years of experience working with the challenges involved with the lighting systems of hospitals and health care facilities throughout Southern California. Our services include lighting audits and LED retrofit projects. We were recently selected as the lighting contractor for one of the largest medical providers in California.  This project was completed on time with 100% Customer Satisfaction.  Our Project Management team and trained and certified crews work hand-in-hand with each hospital to ensure that the patients and employees “don’t even know we were there”.

Our lighting contractors will prepare a customized lighting retrofit proposal that shows you how we can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Big Energy Savings with LED Lighting – Energy Savings average  60 – 75%
  • No more changing out those burned out fluorescent lamps – Reduce the man hours, and associated labor costs, you currently spend on servicing lights
  • Improved Quality of Lighting – Improved, brighter lighting delivers excellent color rendering and high lumens
  • Utility Rebates  – All rebates are processed by us and credited toward the project cost
  • Pay For Your Retrofit With Your Energy Savings  – No money down, Your energy savings each month will pay for the project.

With American Lighting, you don’t have to choose between lighting quality and energy savings.

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