Our energy efficient LED high bay fixtures reduce energy consumption by more than 60% and our automatic occupancy sensors can save even more energy. Those energy savings translate directly into positive cash flow for your business, and that’s just the beginning. On average, an LED lamp’s lifespan is 50,000 hours.  If you have them on for 10 hours a day they would last in excess of 13 years!

Improved Lighting Quality
Energy efficient commercial lighting installations pay for themselves cutting back on the energy consumption, sometimes the benefits of a retrofit are more valuable than what even we projected. The Energy Efficient Lighting systems we install provide improved lighting quality, which in turn can lead to a more alert staff and fewer accidents. Well-known independent studies have demonstrated that greatly improved lighting boosts worker morale, increases safety, and even encourages consumer spending.

Rebates and incentives for our Commercial Lighting Retrofits projects are available in a very limited capacity. We work with all of the rebate programs in California and will explain each to you and get you set up to receive your rebate. There are many rebate programs and they are all different. The requirements are frequently difficult to understand unless you have been through the process numerous times. Nobody has been through the process more than American Lighting.  No other lighting company can get you a higher rebate than we can because we have done it time after time!

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