The school year is resuming, and thousands of students in California are returning to their classrooms and gymnasiums. They will spend nine months in these spaces, working hard to take the next step toward their futures. Whether they are doing math exercises, chemistry labs, or playing dodgeball, they will flourish best under good lighting. It is up to you to supply this essential commodity as we head into long days of learning with the sun around less and less.  

American Lighting is California’s premier lighting replacement company. Our mission is to save you money and fill your spaces with clean, bright light. We have over 25 years of experience. We stay on the cutting-edge of lighting technology, and we know how to conveniently implement it into your facility. We are passionate about the benefits of clean light, and we would truly love to bring it to the kids that are our future.

Once you contact us, we will assess your facility in depth. We will report our findings and our recommendations straight to you. You will feel comfortable and informed as we honestly express what is needed and how much it will cost. You will feel rising excitement as you realize how much money you will save with our updated equipment. And it will only get better as we discuss guaranteed rebates that will make your lighting retrofit project painless. Once you are ready to go, we will work around your schedule to install the lighting without disrupting your facility.

Call American Lighting today to give your students the illumination they deserve!