Why Should I Consider A Lighting Upgrade?

The LED lighting revolution has dramatically changed the payback, lifespan and quality of commercial lighting projects. In most cases, old technology fixtures can be replaced by new, LED energy efficient fixtures that use technology to reduce heat, improve light, and significantly reduce energy consumption. Even if your lighting is only a few years old or you have upgraded several years ago there is new technology that can pay for itself quickly.

This Project Is Not In My Plan Or Budget For This Year, Can You Call Me Next Year?

Why wait? We offer Nothing Down, and financing for every project we install. Your savings pay for the project, from the day your installation is complete. Financing allows you to enjoy a positive cash flow from day one. If you wait or delay you will lose one year’s worth of savings!

I Have Been Contacted By Other Contractors, Why Should I Consider American Lighting?

  • We have been in business since 1986, 30+ years of solid experience.
  • We complete all of our installations with our own company employees, so we maintain complete quality control. We, of course, have our own insurance and workers compensation coverage and we can provide these certificates for any customer that would like to see proof of insurance. Many contractors use subcontracted labor on their projects – we do not take this approach. We take pride in our trained staff of installers who only work for American Lighting.
  • Our Company offers No Money Down Financing on every project.
  • We have won numerous awards from California’s top utility companies for our quality of work and energy savings we have produced over the years.
  • We are licensed and bonded in California. We hold electrical and general contracting licenses. Our contractor’s license number is 818848.
  • We have installed over 30,000 energy efficient projects over the past 30 years. This is all we do.
  • We have numerous customer testimonials and case studies – check them out on this website.

Will There Be Any Disruption To My Business?

We have years of experience with the most difficult and sensitive installations and pride ourselves on causing minimal or no disruption. In many cases, the customer prefers we install during the day, while they are there. We routinely do these installations with the customer “not even knowing we are there.” We have performed our work in retail establishments, hospitals, and busy industrial sites during normal business hours without any disruption to our customers business.

When Do You Install The New Lighting System?

We always work around the schedule of each customer. We can install at night, early morning, or on weekends – whenever it’s best for the customer. There are no up-charges for evening, weekend or night work. We work around YOUR schedule.

I Am A Busy Person And I Don’t Have Time To Sit Down For A Lengthy Presentation. Can You Minimize My Time On Reviewing The Presentation?

After we have surveyed your site, we will prepare a customized proposal for your facility. We can present this proposal to you using a WebEx presentation. You can review this WebEx from your personal computer at a time that is convenient for you.

Are There Any Incentives Or Rebates Available To Help Pay For Our Project?

There are rebates and incentives for every lighting project we install. We understand and work with all of the rebate programs in California and neighboring states. We pride ourselves in finding each customer the very highest rebate possible.

How Does The Rebate Process Work?

Each rebate program is different. The rules and requirements are frequently extremely difficult to understand. Many programs can take up to a year to issue the check for the rebate. We understand these rules and will guarantee your rebate. In fact, we deduct the rebate directly from the cost of your project so that you don’t have to worry about it.

How Do I Know A Lighting Upgrade Project Will Really Save Me Money?

Energy savings calculations for lighting projects are objective and very straightforward to calculate. All of our proposals include a detailed explanation of the energy savings that will be achieved. These savings projections are based on the actual conditions found at your facility. We can even provide you with numerous testimonials from customers that have already taken this offer.

Will Energy-Efficient Lighting Reduce The Quality Or Brightness Of My Existing Lighting?

Lighting levels will be increased, and lighting quality will be improved. We custom engineer each project to ensure that light levels are not sacrificed. We have many Case Studies in our database – it’s likely that we have one from a facility that is similar to your building.

What’s The Next Step?

We make it easy to proceed.   You can request a Free Lighting Assessment by clicking the box below. We will then contact you and arrange a visit to your facility to assess your lighting.  We’ll provide you with a detailed proposal that will outline your current system and the new system, as well as the savings you will achieve.  The proposal will show you how much rebate your project will earn and the net cost to you.  Our proposals also include financing so that every project can be installed with no money down and positive cash flow from the minute the lights are installed.