As a lighting contractor in California, we here at American Lighting, hear from our customers quite a bit, mostly for positive reasons or just needing more information about what type of lighting solution would be best for their needs. One of the things we get asked quite a bit deals the most important factors to think about for commercial lighting retrofits or upgrades. Certainly, the length of time that you last had a lighting upgrade or lighting installation is a key factor. That is going to tell you about how much you will save in energy consumption. It’ll also give you an idea of initial cost of your upgrade as codes have changed and wires wear out over time.

We like to spotlight some of our more frequently asked questions here on our blog as well, so we can make sure that we are addressing the issues that are pressing to our public and clientele. Also, it gives us a chance to answer in more detail than we would normally be able to on our blog as we have below.

“Why Should I Consider A Lighting Upgrade?”

“As with most technologies (cell phones, computers, cars) light fixture performance has improved dramatically over the past ten years. Chances are you probably have light fixtures that were designed many years ago. The technology in lighting has made these old fixtures obsolete. In most cases these fixtures can be replaced by new, energy efficient fixtures that use technology to reduce heat, improve light, and significantly reduce energy consumption. Even if your lighting is only a few years old or you have upgraded several years ago there is new technology that can pay for itself quickly. Are you still using your 15 year old computer? Of course not!

We hope this information has helped you in your consideration of a lighting retrofit or upgrade. Check our next post when we’ll review why you should turn to American Lighting for your lighting needs.