Operating a warehouse takes a lot of focus and organization. You have to keep track of items and inventories and make sure that products are shipped and delivered on time. In order to expedite your process and remain profitable, it’s essential to have a natural flow and configuration to your building. If it’s time for an update to your floor plan, why not also increase visibility and workflow with warehouse energy efficient lighting from American Lighting Supply?

With new high bay fixtures, you’ll not only enjoy better and brighter light, you’ll also experience considerable energy savings each month. With improved lighting quality, moving and sorting large quantities of goods will become much faster. Your forklift operators will thank you, as their job will become easier. Your maintenance costs will also be reduced, since our fluorescent lamps last nearly twice as long as a standard HID lamp. When you contact us for a lighting assessment, we’ll determine how to best improve your system.

If you’d like a detailed proposal on warehouse energy efficient lighting, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will handle every aspect of the assessment, installation, clean-up, and any applicable rebate paperwork. The rebates are directly applied to the cost of your lighting upgrade, so you’ll enjoy even lower costs. In most cases, a lighting installation will pay for itself within a year’s time. We have financing options available as well, if that’s something you’d like to explore. Make your warehouse workflow easier and faster by contacting American Lighting Supply today.