In the previous two blogs, we’ve covered several different myths that revolve around the effectiveness and versatility of LED lights. But we aren’t done yet! As the best lighting contractors in California, we want you to be fully informed about the benefits that an LED retrofit can provide you. There are many different myths that flood the industry suggesting that LEDs are sub-par or that LEDs don’t provide on everything that they promise to. This simply isn’t the case. Here are more LED myths that we’ve busted for you!

Myth: LEDs are too new of a technology to be effective.

The myth that LEDs are too new of a technology is one that needs to stop being circulated. LEDs have been in use across various technologies since 1962. Over half a century of use should be considered more than enough to prove the effectiveness and efficacy of LED lightbulbs. From computer technology to traffic lights, LEDs are the mainstream. Don’t be left behind by thinking LEDs need more testing. Let American Lighting do a free lighting consultation for your business and help bring its lighting systems into the 21st century.

Myth: LED prices will go down, therefore it pays to wait.

The truth is LED prices have gone down significantly since they first became available. The prices on them are better than ever and waiting will only mean losses for you in your utility bill costs. The sooner you change to these energy efficient options, the sooner they truly pay for themselves in savings.

Contact American Lighting today and update your current lighting system with only the best, most efficient LED technology today!