Your want patrons to leave your hotel knowing they just had the best stay of their lives. You want to bring them back. How?

It doesn’t take much to set your hotel apart from all the rest. Humans experience everything with their senses, and all it takes are a few careful strategies to make a lasting impression. In our last two blogs, we explored how living things and the careful absence of electronics can bring your patrons’ guard down and let them truly relax. And, of course, we detailed how lighting makes a profound difference.

We continue our series today with some more tips!

  1. Good smells bring good feelings
    • We all know the immediate, profound impact of a scent – why else do realtors recommend you put some cookies in the oven of a home you’re trying to sell?
    • The great thing about scents is that you can go any direction. Do you want the cozy appeal of cookies? The embrace of fresh bread? The calming clarity of lavender or vanilla? The choice is yours, and the good news is, you don’t have to get elaborate.
  2. Get lighting on your side
    • Lighting is just as effective as scents. There are no limits to the effects you can create. In general, bright light is too stimulating for relaxing, so save it for your venues and keep your lobby warm, clear, and cozy.
    • If you have old light fixtures, we can guarantee that you are losing money right now. Getting a retrofit is the perfect way to get modern, appealing lighting that will pay for itself.

Let American Lighting be your ally when it comes to lighting and saving money. Our lighting retrofits have saved hundreds of companies thousands of dollars. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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