Power outages are not common, but they do occasionally hit and it’s important to be ready. It is a mandated requirement that all buildings have emergency LED backup lights in the appropriate areas. This ensures that routes and exits will be illuminated adequately for a safe evacuation. Emergency lights usually work with a nickel cad battery backup ballast attached to each of the fixtures. This battery backup will give the areas solid LED illumination for 30 to 45 minutes. LED Emergency lights are connected to the building’s main electrical wiring supplying and are in a constant charge mode to the battery. The lights are triggered and turned on when the electrical current is disrupted. Most often emergency exit signs are used in conjunction with the backup emergency hallway, stairwell, garage, exterior and warehouse fixtures. These measures will help guide occupants to the appropriate ways out of the building. These commercial LED lights are vital to the health and safety of the human lives that inhabit the building. American Lighting addresses these kinds of issues in our free audits.  Call us for an assessment of your building’s lights and make sure you have met the emergency lighting requirements. 1.800.973.8763