American Lighting has a step-by-step process from surveying the site to installation.

Most parking lots are lit for 13+ hours per day; lighting controls can be used to save energy at times of infrequent use. Parking lots are often empty during certain periods at night; using controls to reduce the lighting during these periods will help save energy.

We can circuit the fixtures on the site so certain ones can be either reduced in output or turned off during periods of inactivity. For example, Pole fixtures along the perimeter could be reduced to direct users to park closer to the building during evening operation hours. Light levels can be reduced by switching off every other fixture or selecting bi-level operation as a feature at the time of installation. To maximize energy savings potential and user satisfaction, luminaire selection, Commercial lighting controls, and installation have to be considered during the design phase and not as an afterthought. Only certain fixtures are designed either with sensors on them or with the ability to add them later.

Call us for a free consultation of your parking lot lighting.  We strive to take care of our customers using quality fixtures installed by our highly experienced installers.  Saving your organization money for years to come.