Commercial Parking Garage lighting has new LED technology to drive light, safety and savings in a trifecta of efficiency. controlled-commercial-garage-led-lightingCars enter the area and the LED lights instantly sense the occupancy and shoot up to full brightness mode for a set period of time after the occupant is out of the area and then they dim down to as low as 10 percent brightness (we can program to customers desired levels).  This technology is raising Garage lighting standards and effecting the bottom line growth of the garage profit margin.  The LED lights with sensors are more up front costs but the payback is years and keeps giving back long after the new lighting system has paid for itself.  American Lighting is a full service LED lighting Contractor.

We have the experience to install these systems to our Commercial garage clients complete satisfaction. LED garage lights that we install have a minimum 5 year warranty (50,000 hours) and go as high as 10 years if requested.  LED lighting systems also carry a very low maintenance requirement saving more over their lifetime.

Brilliantly bright, brilliantly efficient!!