If you have inadequate or outdated lighting in your office building, you could be searching for solutions to update your lighting system. As your commercial lighting contractors in California, American Lighting Supply has those solutions. What was considered new or state-of-the-art ten years ago can no longer be called that. We can replace your inefficient T-12 and T-8 systems with new or retrofitted lighting fixtures and you can begin to enjoy better light that requires less maintenance.

Cost should never be a concern when it comes to lighting solutions. We will credit any and all rebates towards the cost of your upgrade and the significant energy savings you experience each month will also help pay for the project. With longer lasting bulbs and less maintenance on your fixtures, you’ll see savings in other areas as well. When you contact us for a lighting assessment, we will prepare a customized plan that meets all of your lighting needs. On top of all the savings, you and your employees will have the benefit of brighter and clearer light while working.

With over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service to every client. We plan to still be here in ten years, when it’s time for your next lighting upgrade. We use only our own employees for installation of your new system and cleanup of your old. We’ll work with your schedule and are never satisfied until you’re satisfied.  Contact your commercial lighting contractors in California today and begin enjoying better light.