If you are a commercial facility manager or a business owner who is responsible for managing the energy consumption of your business or facility, you might be looking for ways to trim the fat when it comes to energy consumption. You might be looking for tips and hints for cutting usage or for bigger, systemic changes that will lower your current bills and keep them low for the foreseeable future. We are American Lighting, a leading lighting contractor serving the whole of California. We provide full-service retrofitting, a service that includes energy audits, retrofit plans, and installation and implementation of the retrofit plan. We specialize in LED retrofits and can provide all the services you will need during this exciting transition that will save money and reduce your carbon footprint of the buildings in question.

Retrofit Program

We put our lighting contractor muscles to good use by providing LED retrofits for commercial entities such as car dealerships and hotels, health and educational institutions, and warehouses and manufacturing buildings.

A retrofit can include installation of new LED fixtures and LED bulbs for designated spaces which can include main workspaces, bathrooms, entryways, parking lots, and exterior spaces.

Energy Audit & Proposal

An energy audit and proposal from American Lighting will show you your current lighting energy consumption rates and how much a retrofit could save you. In a retrofit, we will inventory your light usage and lighting needs, as well as other factors such as what fixtures you are using, your control box type, and other items that will tell us how your energy is being consumed.

After we complete the energy audit, we will create a thorough, easy-to-understand proposal that will clearly explain your current situation and how an LED retrofit could benefit your facility. The proposal will include a return on investment (ROI) section so you can see how quickly you’ll enjoy a return on your investment. Many of your projects see an ROI within 12 months of completion of the retrofit project.

During our explanation of the proposal, you will also learn that we facilitate all rebates that can be used to help pay for your retrofit. We will handle all the paperwork and even deduct the rebate directly from the cost of your project so that you don’t have to worry that part of the paper work We work hard to make the entire process as easy for you as possible and we are sure that no one can get you a higher rebate than we can!

Additional Strategies

In addition to, and part of, an LED retrofit, there are smart strategies to implement in your building. We’ll look at some of those now. We will also point out where an LED retrofit can help.

The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to be aware of your energy consumption and turn things off when they are not in use. Whether it’s when you are not using a conference room or bathroom, turning all the lights off overnight, or making sure computers are turned off over the weekend, just turning off lights and other things that use electricity can make a dent in your electricity bills. LED fixtures often have occupancy sensors and will turn on when activated and turn off after a time of sensing no movement. Occupancy sensors, especially when part of a layered lighting design,  are a great way to cut usage in bathrooms, seldom used hallways, and parking areas.
Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is a great strategy to minimize electricity usage while still providing sufficient lighting. Layered lighting is where you have full brightness lighting available, but a lower light level is also built in for when natural lighting from the sun is available to supplement the lower light levels, or for when no one is using the space.
A great example is office space with lots of natural light. You can have LED T8 lighting the specific work spaces so everyone can see what they are doing, but general lighting is left to the sun. For days and seasons when natural light is insufficient, there will also be a layer of ambient light to brighten the entire space. Another example is a parking garage where you always want a certain level of light for safety but brighter lights when people are present so you could install fixtures with occupancy sensors that brighten the entire space when motion is detected, increasing security and liability.

Why LED?

We’ve gotten this far without explaining the basic benefits of LED lighting! Allow us to refresh your memory with the great benefits that LED lights provide.

LED fixtures and light bulbs provide the most energy-efficient lighting available. Using LED bulbs can deliver a savings of up to 60 percent on the part of your energy bill attributable to lighting costs.
Besides energy savings, LED light bulbs last over ten times as long as the sturdiest fluorescent bulb, saving you both replacement costs and labor costs, since your maintenance people won’t have to spend time to replace them frequently.
LED bulbs mean you are environmentally responsible. Not only are you placing a lighter burden on the electric grid, decreasing the size of your carbon footprint, but you are also using bulbs that contain no toxins (which can be found in compact fluorescent bulbs) and are 100 percent recyclable.
One of the great things about LED lighting is that instead of suffering through poor lighting in the name of saving energy, you actually get great light quality. LED light bulbs come in a variety of light temperatures which can be matched to the use of the space. For instance, blue lights are used in work spaces because it wakes up the brain and more yellow light is used in waiting rooms because it calms the mind.

LED lighting offers so much in so many areas that your business or institution can benefit in ways you have yet to discover. You can’t know how much you have to gain from a retrofit unless you call and talk to the lighting contractors California turns to. Call American Lighting today!