$33K Annual Savings, 12 Month Payback

COmerical facilites can spend upward of 40 percent of their energy bills on lighting.  Being able to reduce these costs with a LED retrofit, including energy efficient lighting, can bring down your overall costs and increase profits. Our outdoor LED pole lighting systems for auto dealerships provide high-quality illumination at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. And best of all, an LED retrofit start saving you money from the moment they are turned on.

Let us show you how switching to energy efficient lighting can save you thousands of dollars every month with a new, more efficient, custom designed LED lighting system. Our new energy efficient lighting systems pay for themselves and feature:

  • Big Energy Savings – Up to 75% and More.
  • Better Looking Crisp White Light.
  • Colors are truer & more vibrant
  • Increased “Sparkle & Pop!”
  • Less Maintenance and Longer Lasting Lamps and Ballasts.
  • Pay Nothing Up Front
  • We will custom design your LED lighting system using the most appropriate technology for your facility and dealer lot.
  • LED, T5, Induction – we have them all.
  • We offer $0 Down and Financing for all projects.

With American Lighting, you don’t have to choose between lighting quality and energy savings.

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